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Silver Lining Equestrian Center (SLEC)

arena slecThe first thing you’ll notice when you visit Silver Lining Equestrian Center (SLEC) is the stress-free, fun and welcoming environment you’ll feel when you arrive. Owners who board their horses here at (SLEC) enjoy coming just to spend time with their animals and socialize with their friends. When they leave, they go home with the peace of mind knowing that their horses will receive excellent care from our staff.

Along with full board, we offer riding lessons in all disciplines for both children and adults at every level. SLEC encourages our riders to have fun while they learn on their own horse or on one of our well-trained and safe lesson horses. In addition to our knowledgeable instructors, they’ll receive support and encouragement from the other students who ride here as well.

SLEC has an indoor arena provide plenty of opportunity for one-on-one instruction as well as group lessons throughout the year.

Our boarders and riders are terrific people! You’ll find that the atmosphere at Silver Lining Equestrian Center (SLEC) is unique and it’s all due to the great people who come here for the love of their horses.

Our farm is a friendly, supportive community of horse lovers of all ages. We regularly offer clinics, shows and social events that encourage friendship, fun and learning. Whether you’re cheering on other riders at horse shows or just going for a group trail ride at home, riding is a great way to make new friends and spend time with old ones.

Our first goal is to help new riders develop confidence and skill in handling, grooming, and riding in a safe environment through individual lessons and our SLEC Tiny Trotters program.

Come try our signature Tiny Trotters program for children age 3 and up that would like to be introduced to horses in a social, creative and educational atmosphere.

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